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Is your thyroid making you fat?


If you've tried diet after diet and can't lose weight permanently - or if massive amounts of cardio don't budge the scale even a pound - your thyroid could be the culprit.  Proper thyroid function is the key to successful weight loss. Hypo-thyroid is a condition where the thyroid does not allow your body to burn fat the way it's supposed too. "But my doctor said my thyroid is fine"... Your doctor may very well have done a blood test, checking levels of TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone); however, this test may not reveal the realities of how your thyroid is performing for weight loss since TSH levels may vary from morning to night.


After the age of 30, hormones start to drop. The consequence of this is a loss of muscle tissue, and the thyroid follows the muscle tissue. A drop in muscle means a drop in body temperature; a rise in muscle means a rise in body temperature.  Heat is energy - or in physical terms, metabolism - and the thyroid regulates this heat. The hotter you are the more fat you can burn. 


"So how do I know if my thyroid is slow?" Take your body temperature every morning before you get out of bed using a digital thermometer for seven consecutive days.  Normal body temperature is 98.6; anything lower than 97.5 is the danger zone, 96 their is definite damage and 95 is an inability to burn fat. Once you know where you fall within the spectrum of temperature, you can correct any issues with specific nutrition and resistance training plan designed to increase muscle tissue and based on that body temperature.


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