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Open Gym personal training without Trainer, $30 a month.  This option gives you workouts and nutritional counseling through our app and 24-hour access gym.


With the assistance of our app, your workout will include about 15-45 reps at each station, lasting between 30 seconds and 3 minutes, and then move on to the next station. Allow at least 50 minutes for the workout. If you're new to the moves, work with a trainer or take a class, so you learn how to do each exercise right.


Benefits of a Gym Membership:




Yes. Using proper technique as you work through your circuit will improve your flexibility.



Yes. Moving quickly through exercises makes this an excellent cardiovascular workout. If you include cardio stations like jumping rope, going up or downstairs, or jogging in place, you’ll get an added cardio boost.


Yes. Any station that involves strength training, like push-ups, dumbbells, or strength training machines, will make you stronger.

You Can Do It Anywhere:

Being able to take your workout on the road is one of the most convenient benefits of circuit training. Once you've become comfortable, you never have to miss a workout as you can design a workout to meet your needs anywhere you go.

Intensity Level:


Push yourself as hard as you want. If you want to make it more challenging, switch from station to station faster, or boost the intensity. Or you can work out at a more comfortable pace.

Beginners and Low-Impact:


Yes. You can choose low-impact exercises and is accessible for anyone and also an excellent place for gym newbies to start. Since there are no surprises with circuit training, beginners know precisely what to expect.

It Works Every Muscle Group:



Yes. Any station that engages your core, whether it’s a machine like the standing low cable hip abduction or an exercise like a front plank, can help you strengthen your core.



Yes. Use dumbbells for bicep curls and tricep extensions, or use gym equipment like triceps pushdowns or preacher curls.



Yes. Your legs will get a workout from gym machines like the seated leg press. For an extra boost, include intervals of squats or lunges in your circuit.



Yes. Slip in any exercise that fires your glutes. At home or on a fitness trail, a station of lunges will do the trick. If you’re at the gym, opt for a machine like the lying hamstring curl machine.



Yes. Use gym equipment like the seated machine row. At-home or on-trail moves like the front plank or pull-ups also target your back.


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You won't be bored when you have access to our Gym 24 hours a day. Your workout can get your heart rate up and strengthens your muscles at the same time. You can either move quickly or at your own pace through 8 exercise stations to work different muscle groups with little to no rest between stations. Each station has a different exercise.